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Misha Nonoo Shifts Sales Strategy, Plans Snapchat Show | BoF ...
The New York-based label has terminated its wholesale relationships to focus exclusively on selling directly to consumer.... The Business of Fashion Mercredi 24 Août 2016

Meet the Mastermind Behind Adidas' Biggest Sneakers
For more information about fashion industry roles like this and others, visit BoF Careers. HERZOGENAURACH, Germany -- Ni.... The Business of Fashion Mercredi 24 Août 2016

Vogue Paris to Launch Fashion Festival
"Each edition of Vogue tries to expand their influence above and beyond the printed magazine and website," Condé Nast Fr.... The Business of Fashion Mardi 23 Août 2016

BoF Education: Online Courses and Global Fashion School ...
We are proud to introduce the second iteration of BoF Education, unveiling BoF's first paid online fashion education cou.... The Business of Fashion Lundi 22 Août 2016

Gap Shoppers Don't Want to 'Dress Normal'
Gap Shoppers Don't Want to 'Dress Normal' - NEW YORK, United States -- Two years ago, Gap Inc. put such celebrities .... The Business of Fashion Samedi 20 Août 2016


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